Imodco services

Lifetime support

Imodco engages with its clients from project conception and over the system’s entire operational life. Post-EPCI projects, Imodco accompanies its clients through the system’s full operational life with a complete range of after sales services.

  • Fully dedicated team
  • Large pool of various discipline engineers
  • Knowledge of offshore operational constraints
  • Full turnkey services and ad-hoc solutions
  • Immediate support for crisis management
  • Cost efficiency through regional campaigns
  • Long Term Service Agreements for easier partnerships

Imodco support cycle

Range of Services

Preventive Inspections

An annual check-up from our expert Inspectors – either as a detailed audit or quick health check – can help prevent unforeseen OPEX expenditures and ensure reliability of your asset. Combining inspections per region provides competitiveness.

Post-Accident Intervention

Mobilization of expert engineers within 24 hours of an incident to secure your asset, troubleshoot, make immediate repairs and ensure the quick and safe resumption of operations. Specific Inspections To prepare and anticipate your next dry docking or other project, a detailed inspection of topside and subsea equipment will enable you to obtain OEM’s recommendations.

Specific Inspections

To prepare and anticipate your next dry docking or other project, a detailed inspection of topside and subsea equipment will enable you to obtain OEM’s recommendations.


Spare Parts Management

Supplying buoy parts since 1959 – Imodco is the most cost efficient “one stop shop”, meets latest OCIMF requirements and ensures quality through accurate vendor follow-up. Proprietary stock ensures critical components are always available.

Onshore and Offshore Intervention

Planned to accommodate scheduled shutdowns or production constraints, Imodco provides unrivaled expertise in parts replacement and asset repairs. Thanks to our unique seal bonding technology and team of discipline engineers, we operate quickly and safely on all kinds of mooring systems.

Engineering Studies

Feasibility checks and calculations to support your choice of buoy relocations, new subsea configurations, life extensions, changes in tanker size or product characteristics, fully in-line with Class Companies requirements. Full assessment of your project, including budget, schedule, and methodology.

Installation Vessels

Imodco benefits from our Group’s extensive offshore experience and can provide installation vessels and marine means for a wide range of offshore installation scopes.


Specific training modules ensure optimal system operation and response to maintenance questions. Dedicated and expert trainers are available to meet operation teams and mooring masters in Monaco, in country, or even directly on the offshore asset.

Lubricant Analysis

A unique database allows Imodco to monitor wear in Main Roller and Swivel Bearings, detecting potential major failures and anticipating corrective actions.

Chemical Compatibility Assessment

Proprietary protocol specifically developed to determine compatibility of chemical products. Tests performed in laboratory under reproduced operation conditions to accurately identify the impacts on materials and on systems performance. This service supports your selection process of new chemical which contributes to production efficiency and optimized operation costs.

24/7 Hotline Assistance

Our Long-Term Service Agreements enables round-the-clock support and response to technical enquiries. Mobilization of personnel on site, as and when required, with the permanent support of a dedicated office team.

Telemetry /Asset Upgrades

Identification and definition of upgrade solutions to improve production and safety during an asset’s life. Provision of Imodco’s exclusive in house telemetry system, fully based on industry requirements.

Refurbishments in yard

Complete turnkey asset overhaul in one of our selected yards, high-quality service with OEM expertise and warranty.

Turrets (FPSO)

As preferred service provider for SBM Offshore, Imodco also integrates swivels and mechanical parts within turrets or other types of mooring systems for FPSOs.

The training center

Based in the south east of France very close to our Monaco office and therefore allowing an easy access for our teams, the center is built around the reproduction of an authentic small swivel stack. Made up of a hydraulic power unit, production swivel with local pressurization unit and an electrical swivel, the system is connected to a small CCR (Central Control Room). The components have been fully refurbished for training purposes.

The first objective is to train newcomers in the IMR team (Imodco Inspection Maintenance & Repair After Sales team) on its core business activity in
order to be recognized as specialists. The training is also available to IMR specialists in order to stay on top of their game. The second objective is to train SBM employees, using our numerous years of IMR offshore experience and in light of lessons learnt.  In the future, ultimately Imodco plan to propose specific training courses for external clients.

This training center makes us more dynamic and productive on the field and the efficiency of our teams is above all an advantage for our clients.

The training center is a cornerstone of Imodco’s strategic plan and will enable us to develop our IMR team competencies to accompany market growth


The Mechanical Workshop

Within the same walls as the training centre, Imodco have also developed their own dedicated mechanical workshop, fully equipped with
overhead crane.

IMR intervention preparation is a key activity within the workshop and
being close to Nice international airport, is well placed for fast deployment
of equipment if necessary. Before and after an intervention, this is where important maintenance on tools and equipment takes place.  Among other benefits, is an area set aside for client spares & test benches and finally, working alongside SBM, Imodco’s seal area is crucial for the development and progress of this essential technology.