The power of data

IDEA digital platform

As part of our ambition to share Imodco full lifecycle expertise and to unlock the power of data; we are pleased to offer our IDEA digital platform.

IDEA and its associated web-based portal, is an operation & integrity management solution that enables operational teams to work remotely and efficiently, having all true information of the asset stored and easily accessible, from both computer & mobile. 

-> Access to Idea


Project Files
Download or visualized all project files and documentations.
• Maintenance
Review O & M manuals, inspection reports, MTN calendar, records.
Get access to OEM & class recommendations.
• Spare Parts
Search specific spare part and create spare part list.
• Tutorials
Access to routine maintenance tutorials
• Oil & Grease Monitoring
Yearly grease analysis will enable to prevent  failure of main components,
implementing preventive actions.
• Monitoring offloading/unloading operation in real time
This functionality requires the installation of an Imodco Telemetry 3C.
Depending on buoy instrumentation, access to visualization in  real time of the data while tanker is connected


Digital experience

Embrace latest digital technologies across the entire product life cycle to improve performance of Imodco current systems, lower the cost of our products through more efficient execution, and create a strategic direction towards a fully digital future

Director’s Message

Imodco Telemetry

Automation, instrumentation and telemetry technologies have been constantly improving in order to meet the high expectations of the evolutive market.

Imodco decided to develop 2 In-House solutions of telemetry systems to allow loading/offloading operations in the most constraining configurations.

Based on Imodco experience and feedback from operators, Imodco In-House XL Telemetry system allows remote control and monitoring of PLEM valves ensuring safety and quality during operation for all the new build and “in service” CALM systems

Imodco In-House 3C Telemetry system has been developed to control and monitor hawser tensioning system and process instruments of the buoy. The 3C telemetry allows to measure the state of the system in real time. Data are collected and displayed on a tablet and simultaneously sent via 4G network to a protected cloud.

Imodco In-House Telemetry products are imagined, developed and built to PROTECT people, environment & client assets.

Typical Equipment

  • PLEM valves remote control & monitoring (XL telemetry only)
  • Standalone solar power system
  • Navigational Aids
    • Marine lantern
    • Foghorn
  • Data transfer to secured cloud via 4G network (T3C only)
  • Optional berthing aid
    • Standalone equipment


  • Mooring hawsers tension
  • Hawser load alarm
  • Flashing beacons
  • Pressure/Temperature transmitters
  • Level transmitters
  • Swivel leak detection
  • Gas detector


  • Inhouse Imodco technology
  • User friendly interface
  • Control of obsolescence of the equipment
  • Adaptable design
  • Proven technology
  • High reactivity for aftersales services

Submarine drone technology

Recognizing the potential of the application of Unmanned Subsea Vehicles (USVs), Imodco has recently developed its own new diverless inspection solution. The Submarine Drone has been developed to carry out UWILD operations (Underwater Inspection In Lieu of Dry-docking). By using its own USV, Imodco is able to undertake works such as underwater visual inspections and full 3D bathymetry surveys to provide our Clients with the best engineering recommendations for their SPM’s Integrity Management and Life Extension programs.

Imodco’s Submarine Drone Technology brings with it a number of benefits, including reducing the risk of an HSSE incidents, saving in time of operations and lowering costs.

Already tested and configured for SPMs (Single Point Moorings), Imodco aims at proposing a full range of services for all types of floating structures.