About Imodco

Imodco at a Glance

Imodco is the leading supplier of CALM buoys, with over 450 systems designed and installed worldwide since 1958. We are a dedicated CALM Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation contractor.

We provide reliable and safe systems to the highest HSSE and quality standards while also ensuring aftersales support during the asset’s lifetime.

Building upon SBM Offshore terminals technology, Imodco has optimized and qualified the CALM buoy design to remain in the water for up to 30 years before dry dock is required, allowing for major cost savings for clients.

Imodco terminals enable bulk liquid carriers to perform cargo loading, un-loading, bunkering and de-ballasting operations simultaneously. We offer customizable Turntable or Wheel & Rail designs, both ensuring safe operations as well as efficient maintainability.

As preferred service provider for SBM, Imodco also integrates swivels and mechanical parts within turrets or other types of mooring systems for FPSOs.

With the largest track record of mooring systems developed and delivered, Imodco proposes unrivaled know-how and ensures support for any type of asset.

Industry Firsts

Innovation is part of Imodco’s DNA. As a pioneer in offshore mooring systems, Imodco has never stopped adapting its products and services and developing new applications.

1950s and 1960s

Revolutionary product for the marine sector

  • 1958 – First Imodco buoy (Swedish Navy)
  • 1959 – First SBM buoy (Shell, Malaysia)
  • First CALM Buoy used for Arctic operations (with deckhouse)
  • Multi-product CALM swivels from the start

1970s and 1980s

Innovation enabling diverse applications

  • First CALM Buoys systems used for North Sea operations (harsh)
  • First CALM Buoys systems permanently moored to barge/FSO
  • First CALM Buoy systems used for Slurry (iron ore) and LPG
  • First rapid deployment systems (military)
  • First high/low pressure swivel systems
  • First CALM systems with 5 independent product paths
  • First complete telemetry and remote control system including subsea

1990s and 2000s:

Innovation pushing boundaries

  • First deepwater CALM Buoys installed (up to 1400m deep)
  • Development of Brownfield solutions (overhauls, retrofits, upgrades)
  • First watertight main roller bearings
  • Systems delivered for very harsh conditions (up to 25m Hmax)
  • First 30-years-in-the-water CALM Buoy systems installed


Innovation of service offering (remote and in-country)

  • First Main Roller Bearing changed offshore
  • Imodco in-house telemetry solutions
  • Launch of 24/7 Hotline assistance
  • Launch of digitalization program


  • Fast4Ward® Buoy
  • Imodco digital Services (Idea)
  • Terminals for New Energies

Global Reach, Local presence

Imodco’s organizational approach aims at providing a global service quality with the flexibility to adapt to local requirements. In that way, we join forces with offices from Monaco to Malaysia, Brazil to Nigeria, the United States and beyond.

As the key factor of our success is satisfaction of our clients, we make sure to be close to our clients and partners, this is our commitment to develop strong and long-term relationships.

Imodco People

Imodco operates as a network of skilled and highly empowered teams to keep pace and efficient with a challenging and demanding market. This organization, built upon product and client centric spirit, allows our people to work with a strong communication and fast information flows.

Our teams develop a common culture and daily share goals, keep up to date on client interactions, product quality and projects. We always make sure teams know what other teams are doing.

High-performing teams include members with a balance of technical and social skills, this is essential to perform. We strongly support diversity in knowledge, views, and perspectives, as well as in age, gender, and race, help us be more creative and avoid group think.

We know that the foundation of every great team is a management that energizes, orients, and engages its members. This is why we constantly develop a shared mindset among team members by fostering a common identity and common goals.

Our approach is to ensure that each actor of a project is valued for its contributions.

For all these reasons, Imodco is a great place to work, and that is how we built long-term relationships with our clients to better satisfy their needs.

Social Responsibility

Imodco is fully committed to conduct its business activities in an honest, ethical, respectful and professional manner. It is our ambition to be the reference sustainable service provider in the offshore loading terminals industry.

We achieve this by:

  • Managing our environmental impact
  • Shaping sustainable offshore loading terminals solutions with our clients
  • Creating a sustainable supply chain
  • Fostering local development

Imodco continually strives to achieve ‘zero incidents’ in its onshore and offshore operations. We are committed to strive for an incident free workplace to protect our most valuable asset – the women and men delivering Imodco’s success.

Our Promise

Whatever your floating production needs, we will deliver. We will use our expertise and technological know-how to create significant value. Building long-term partnerships will remain key to our performance and ability to deliver. A safe and stimulating work environment. We care for people and environments wherever we operate.